Strawberry Hand Pies

Today is a special day:  Julia’s birthday!

20130528-212555.jpgJulia has been my best friend since freshman year of college and has probably been the biggest culinary influence on me over these past 11 years. We initially bonded over sharing our closets but soon discovered our mutual love of food (which is really the key to any lasting relationship). Over the years we have made some incredible meals together and gone on many great foodie adventures both locally and abroad (most recently to Bimini). We know how to push each other’s buttons and may occasionally fight like an old married couple, but in the kitchen we are a harmonious team. While I do help out with cooking dinner, my main task is usually dessert. This year for her birthday, I decided to stray from the usual cupcake/cake route and instead came up with a new original recipe.

I have had a fascination with miniature things ever since I was younger. I remember, as a child, going to our yearly local fair “Longmeadow Days”, and enviously eyeing the doll houses and miniature accessories. I never did get a doll house but my fascination with things in miniature form persisted, especially when it comes to food! For some reason mini cupcakes or even baby brussel sprouts or zucchini just taste better than their regular sized counterparts, not to mention that they are super cute. So this weekend, when I spied the first of the local strawberries at my neighborhood Whole Paycheck (I mean Whole Foods), I decided to create mini strawberry pies aka strawberry hand pies! These adorable little hand pies have a slightly higher crust to filling ratio than regular pie, which I actually prefer (I seem to remember a mini food fight at a restaurant with Julia over pie crust).  Paired with Julia’s homemade vanilla custard ice cream (made with eggs from her chickens, aka “chicky boos”), it was the perfect birthday celebration dessert. Happy birthday Julia!

Click below for the recipe.

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