Lemon Raspberry Cookies

I have been dreaming about making these cookies ever since the success of my Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes last month.  As I mentioned in that post, I am trying to explore other non-cupcake desserts so I decided to use the lemon and raspberry flavors to create a new cookie.

Today was my last night shift of the month for vascular surgery so instead of sleeping, I decided to whip up a batch in celebration.  I think they were worth the sacrificed hours of sleep!

This cookie uses the same raspberry frosting from the lemon raspberry cupcakes (minus the heavy cream) and sandwiches it between two lemon shortbread cookies.   You will likely have leftover frosting…but since when is leftover frosting a bad thing?  Click below for the recipe and more pictures.

Lemon Raspberry Sandwich Cookies 
(makes about 40 sandwich cookies) Continue reading